Poderosa 4.0.1

What’s up, ‘summer of love’rs?

Congratulations to Ross who passed his CCIE Lab Exam first attempt!

ScreenshotEarlier this week, Poderosa.org released a new version of Poderosa that has some fancier features than version 3, but is a little less intuitive to install. One of the fancy features is that window panes can be split and adjusted multiple times and are not limited to the previous two- or three-pane layout.

The base product includes Telnet/SSH, but no support for macros, serial port connections, or Xmodem/Zmodem protocols. However, these features can be installed as plugins very easily by a simple copy and paste.

At en.poderosa.org you can download the new version, or just click here.

I’ve released the plugins (except for SSH portforwarding) as a ZIP file for easy download and installation. [Download here]

To install these tools, copy the folders inside the ZIP file to the folder in which you installed Poderosa.exe! That’s all! The plugins do not need to register with either Windows or Poderosa other than this action.

Remember, the 8-14 hour days of the CCIE Summer of Love are over, but the Summer of Love keeps on rollin’. Onward!

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  1. That last paragraph was truly inspirational.

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