Better than alt+tab

Hello ThereCommander

I had not posted on a while, but this is making wonders for me and i have to share with you guys

If I could i’d run Cisco IOS to write this post jejejejeje.

This is what I do now to command my pod

On the Access Server I enter the following ip host entries

ip host r1 2001
ip host r2 2002
ip host r3 2003
ip host r4 2005
ip host r5 2006
ip host r6 2007
ip host cat1 2009
ip host cat2 2010
ip host frs 2004

Where just happens to be a loopback address on the access server.

Now I just telnet directly into the access server with the propper credentials

MightyG4:~ JuanDavo$ telnet MYPOD

Trying MYPOD...
Connected to MYPOD.
Escape character is '^]'.
User Access Verification


Trying r1 (, 2001)... Open

User Access Verification



Well that’s just the beginning, now I press CTRL+SHIFT+6 and then X to suspend my session and come back to the access server, proceed then to log on into every other device on the pod until I’m done logging into all of them

Now type on the access server show sessions like so and this is how it comes up

CCIE_X>sh sessConn  Host                 Address        Byte   Idle Conn Name

1  r1                0      3 r1

2  r2                0      3 r2

3  r3                0      3 r3

4  r4                0      3 r4

5  r5                0      2 r5

6  r6                0      2 r6

7  cat1              0      2 cat1

8  cat2              0      2 cat2

*  9  frs               0      2 frs


Now to command my pod I just suspend the session and type the number that goes with the router I want to configure. Muajajajaja

It’s much more fun this way! Plus, I don’t get confused with so many windows and that’s doing wonders for me.

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